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Borrow Equipment

Never be without a charger again! Feinberg Library loans out many essential items, including:

  • Phone chargers
  • Headphones
  • Calculators (scientific and graphing)
  • Clickers
  • Remote presenters

Students, faculty and staff, and guest users with a library card are welcome to borrow these items. For books, DVDs, and more, visit Borrow, Renew, & Return.


How do I borrow equipment?

Where can I borrow equipment?

All items can be checked out at our second-floor service desk.

What do I need to borrow equipment?

  • Students and faculty must have a Campus ID.
  • Guest users must have a library borrowing card.

How long can I keep it?

  • Phone chargers, cords, MacBook chargers: 3 hours
  • Headphones: 2 hours
  • Calculators: 24 hours
  • Clickers: until the end of the semester
  • Remote presenter: 7 days

What are the penalties for lost or damaged items?

  • Phone chargers, cords, MacBook chargers: $10 for charger cable, $10 for wall piece
  • Headphones: $8
  • Scientific calculators: $25
  • Graphing calculators: $70
  • Clickers: $25
  • Remote presenter: $25

The library sends notices to borrowers when an item is late and when it is about to be declared lost. When an item is declared lost, the borrower is charged the cost that Feinberg Library incurs to replace it; this policy includes books, clickers, headphones, wireless mice and presenters. “Banner holds” will be placed on student accounts. Students with Banner holds cannot register for classes.

Students may pay late fees and lost item fines using a debit or credit card via our secure Feinberg Library Payments page.

How do I renew materials?

Should you need more time with a borrowed item, simply request a renewal at our second-level service desk. You may also request a renewal by calling us at 518-564-5182, or by logging into your secure My Library Card account. The renewal period is the same as the original loan period.

You may be denied a renewal if you have any unpaid fines or if another customer has requested one or more of the items.

How do I return materials?

Equipment may be returned at our second-floor service desk.