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Reserve a Carrel

Need a private study space away from home and office? Faculty, staff, and graduate students may reserve a secure (locked) library carrel in Feinberg Library. These carrels are located on the third-floor mezzanine and are equipped with a desk, chair, and electric outlets. Carrel holders will receive a key and may use their carrel whenever Feinberg Library is open.

Carrels will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


Assignment of Carrels

  • Capacity is limited to one person per carrel.
  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • No covers or obstructions are permitted on any windows in a carrel.
  • Faculty and graduate students may request to be put on a waiting list (which is maintained in chronological order).
  • Faculty may be assigned carrels on an annual basis contingent upon availability and demand.
  • Graduate students are assigned carrels on a semester basis.
  • Library carrel privileges are non-transferable.
  • Library staff will contact the honors director to confirm research requirements for advanced honors student requests.

Library Carrel Use Procedures

  1. Carrel users must adhere to carrel procedures on the use of the carrels.
  2. Carrels may be used ONLY when the library is open.
  3. The library is not responsible for damage or theft of property left in carrels. Valuables should not be left in the carrels. Carrels should be locked at all times.
  4. Library materials left in carrels must be checked out. The library reserves the right to a periodic inspection of the carrel to ensure that materials are checked out. If there are materials in the carrel of this nature, there will be a violation filed against that carrel holder.
  5. The library will not release the assigned carrel numbers to anyone due to confidentiality.
  6. No furniture can be removed or added.
  7. Nothing is to be attached to the walls, door, or window. Windows cannot be covered due to Fire Code Regulations. Only UL-approved space heaters and electronics are allowed. Please shut them off and unplug them after each use.
  8. Please report damages to the second-floor service desk supervisor at 518-564-5188, so that we may rectify the problem.
  9. Carrels are not sound proof, so please be considerate.
  10. The individual(s) to whom the carrel is assigned is responsible for any infraction of the regulations or damage to the facility. Repeated violation of the regulations may result in the loss of use of the carrel.
  11. Three violations of the carrel procedures may lead to loss of use of reserved carrels.
  12. Food and drink guidelines apply to carrels.

Carrel Keys

The carrel key is not to be duplicated. Students who do not return their keys at the end of the semester will be charged a $25 replacement fee for the carrel key. A Banner hold will be placed on their account. Faculty who do not return their key when finished with the carrel will be charged a replacement fee.

If a key is lost, the holder of the key is responsible for paying the key replacement fee. The staff of the second-floor service desk will provide one complimentary opening.