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Print, Scan, & Copy

At Feinberg Library you can scan documents to a flash drive or digital storarge and print in either color or black and white. We will also photocopy items for you.

How do I scan materials?

Our free, time-saving Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) enables you to scan documents at high speed, without damage and save them in a variety of electronic formats. The KIC kiosk is a walk-up color-digitization scanning system. Use the KIC for excerpts from books and other materials up to 24 x 17 inches. Save your scans to a USB flash drive or e-mail them directly to the account of your choosing. Find the KIC units on all levels of Feinberg Library. 

ScannX machines are on each floor. Used for scanning, they are located near the KIC machines. 

U-scans on the third floor are for microform materials. Located near the KIC, they let you save to USB or email.

How do I print my documents?

Our printing service is offered only to students. Pay at level one or two service desks using Cardinal Cash. Go to these desks to obtain or adjust your print quota. 

  • Printers are available on all floors. Print letter, legal and 11x17 sizes. 
  • Find color printing on the first floor and in the second-floor reference room by using the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) machines.
  • If you run out of print quota, you can purchase an additional 100 copies for $1.50.
  • If you have Cardinal Cash, go to the first- or second-floor service desk to purchase additional copies.
  • If you did not receive a print quota for the semester, go to the first- or second-floor service desk for assistance.
  • If your printed pages come out too light because the toner cartridge needs to be changed or the printer jams, go to the first- or second-floor service desk; we will add those pages back into your quota. Bring the pages you want added back into your quota to the desk.

Cardinal Cloud Print & Release — Print files from your device to campus printers.

Can I make a photocopy?

Rather than photocopying, we ask that you scan and print your documents whenever possible. That approach is free of charge. Photocopying involves the following costs:

  • Students: We will provide copies for 10 cents per page. Please see the second-floor service desk for assistance.
  • Community patrons: We provide you with 10 copies free of charge. Additional copies cost ten cents per page.

Where can I get help?

Should you require any help with scanning, photocopying or microfilm/microfiche duplication, simply ask at the closest service desk.