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Study Spaces

Feinberg Library features many different rooms and areas suitable for students with a variety of needs.

Study Areas

Study Carrels (level two)

Most of our second-floor study carrels are open and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The carrels are equipped with computers and are networked to printers located at the half-way point along the carrels.

Six carrels are available by reservation only.

Deep Quiet Room (level two)

The deep quiet room is located in the back left corner of the reference room. Strict quiet is enforced here, with no laptops or food allowed. And please remember to turn off your phone.

Reading Room (level three)

Enjoy a magazine or newspaper in our comfortable new reading room, located on the third floor not far from the service desk.

Family Study Room (level three)

Feinberg Library’s Family Study Room is a space intended to make life on campus a little easier for students who are parents. Located on level three in room 315, the space is open to all students with a child under the age of 12 on a first-come, first-served basis. It features toys, comfortable seating, books, a desktop computer, and more.

Visit the Library Guidelines for more on using the Family Study Room.

Health and Wellness Spaces

Feinberg Library offers two dedicated spaces as part of our ongoing support for a healthy campus life.

Wellness Zone (level two)

This soothing space is ideal for contemplation, meditation, or taking a break. We invite everyone to stop in, unplug, and regenerate. Enjoy comfortable seating and quiet in this inviting, minimal-technology space. A charging station, creative distractions, a whiteboard, a relaxing bubble unit—you'll find them all here along with a wall of beautiful mural art.

Sensory-Friendly Zone (level three)

Our goal here is to provide accommodation for library users who need a little less background noise or wish to de-escalate an emotional state. A work in progress, this zone currently offers:

  • a dimmed setting with no overhead fluorescent lights
  • individual cubicles with table lamps and electrical outlets
  • comfy bean bag seating

Presentation Rooms

Room 304

Feinberg Library room 304 is available via prior reservation. The room seats 15 people and is equipped with a lectern computer, overhead projector, and whiteboard.