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CSD524: Research Design

CDS524 Course-related Research Guide

Literature Reviews:
  • Identifying topics of study -what is under study, where are the gaps, what is next on the horizon
  • Learning from different methodologies - research design, literature reviews, meta analysis
  • Assessing research findings - using your evaluation form and critical thinking strategies
  • Following the literature- backwards and forwards 
  • Locating full-text - in Feinberg and online
  • Using Interlibrary Loan- how and when
Here are a few tips for searching...
  • Brainstorm keywords!  Check out the database's suggested Subject Headings or Major Subjects- they are useful!
  • Search by subject field!  The subject heading search children and stuttering retrieved 86 results, while the keyword search children and stuttering retrieved 694 results.
  • Limit by population of interest: preschool children, older people, infants, immigrants, people with disabilities, autistic, African Americans...
  • Limit by resource types: scholarly resources, peer reviewed articles, book chapters, conference papers, dissertations and theses