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Communication Studies (CMM) Research Guide

Search tips

Searching library article databases:

Click Research Tools -> Choose History or Communications from drop-down menu
Search for- Propaganda + whatever topic you've chosen
Also try "your topic" + one of the following:
  • Images
  • Representation
  • Media
  • Comics / Comic books
  • Cartoons
  • Film
  • Posters
  • Music
  • Political cartoons
  • Editorial cartoons
  • Stereotypes
  • Racism
  • Conspiracy theory
  • Bias
  • The name of the country your topic is associated with
  • The name of the conflict your topic associated with


Searching the library catalog:

Click 'Access the World' before you start searching!
Search for the subject propaganda + your topic 


Google searching:

To search educational sources (thus decreasing the sketchy sources), type before your search terms.
Example: "japanese internment"

Specific Propaganda sources

Encyclopedia of Propaganda: Ref. HM263 .E53 1998