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Nursing Research Guide

Guide to information sources in nursing and allied health professions

APA Citation Guides

If you are writing a paper for which you are consulting resources, using quotes, or citing data, you must always document (cite) the resources you use.  The Department of Nursing has adopted, as its standard citation tool,  the APA (American Psychological Association) citation guide. You should use APA as your guide for constructing bibliographies and in-text citations.

Remember, the use of a consistent format helps to 1) clearly document and authenticate your sources, and 2) helps the reader to locate materials that you  used in your research.

Below is a link to a Quick APA Guide that provides you the most common citation formats and a more comprehensive guide to all APA citation forms. 

Need more Resources? Follow the research!

Use research you have to find the research you need.
Every academic book, web page or article includes references or a bibliography of the sources used by the authors. Some even include recommended readings on the topic. You can follow those sources to learn more about what interests you.
Journal articles in some databases even link you to articles published after the article you're reading that have cited your article. This not only allows you to look backwards in the literature, but to look forwards as well!

Even popular reading and online reference sources (such as Wikipaedia) provide references that you can follow quickly to locate new information. You might not want to use popular references in your work, but you can certainly use them as research tools!