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John Brown

Life and History

John Brown by P. H. Matthews

Oh, there is great news come from Charlestown,

‘Tis all about the hanging of old John Brown;

He tried all his best to set the niggers free,

And for it he had to hang upon the gallows’ tree.


It happened at Harper’s Ferry, as you already know,

He tried all his best but he found it was no go;

He gave to the niggers spears, pistols and guns,

And in the struggle he lost his two sons.


So, all you,  old men, who wish to set the niggers free,

Just think of John Brown and the gallows’ tree;

And oh ye, abolitionists, before it is too late,

Think of John Brown and of his sad fate.


The Fate of Old John Brown

John Brown, unfortunate John Brown,

You to a jail was sent,

For tampering with slaves, John

And with a bad intent:

You lately had your trial, John,

They found you guilty, very,

With learning Niggers how to shoot,

And take old Harper’s Ferry.


John Brown, unfortunate John Brown,

You reached the foot at last;

Your time upon this earth, John,

Is closing round you fast;

If the Niggers had been free, John,

What would they get to do!

They know when they are well off,

And now they laugh at you.