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INT104: Intro. to the World's Religions

Search Tips

  • Keep a running list of potential search terms in an index card.
  • Always note the subjects listed in the subjects field below the articles in the results lists.  Add these to your index card.
  • Add an asterisk to a root word like Buddhis* - it will search for Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddhists all at the same time
  • Change the drop-down menu next to the search box to Abstract, Subject, or Geographic location. These are much more specific than Keyword and this strategy will save you time!
  • If there are references at the end of a great article, use those references to further your research.
  • Never limit your search to full-text- the Link to Full Text option often sends you to the article you want (in a different database).
  • If the full-text of an article you want is unavailable, request it via Interlibrary Loan.
  • The citation for an article is often provided by the database, but always compare it to examples provided by another source like Purdue's OWL.

Recommended Databases for Religion

Try these databases first to find articles related to religion topics.

Additional Resources

These resources may also have articles helpful to your religion research.

Google Scholar

Gateway to FullText@MyLibrary

Google Scholar Search