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Faculty Guide to Moodle: Integrating Library Resources

This guide is intended to support faculty in integrating library resources in Moodle courses, meeting your students at the point of need.

Proxy URLs in 3 Easy Steps

In order for your students to access ebooks, articles--any thing from subscription databses--off-campus, you need to add Plattsburgh's proxy server prefix to the URL.

1. Copy the proxy server prefix: 

2. Paste the above at the beginning of a permalink/static URL from an article:


   Or use the URL from an eBook in the catalog:

3. Your final URL that students can access off campus will look like this:

Shorten your URL

Pro Tip:

Use to shorten your proxied URL: 

Library Research Help Forum

Want your students to get the help they need? Want extra support for specific assignment or research project? Librarians can moderate a research help forum and respond directly to students with resources and search strategies.