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ENG101: Composition Research Guide

Selected research resources and tools for students doing research in their ENG101 classes. The basics of doing research in Feinberg Library.


This guide is provided to support the research needs of students in all sections of ENG101. Since there are a variety of sections, instructors and assignments always be sure to check with your particular instructor about the requirements for your class.

The resources, tools and skills outlined in this guide apply to all types of library research.

If you have Questions...

If you would like personal assistance with you research you can contact a reference librarian several ways:

  1. Visit the Research Help Desk on the second floor just inside the entrance past the lobby.
  2. You can call the reference desk at (518) 564-5290.
  3. You can make an appointment for a scheduled one-on-one research session with a librarian. Fill out the form to request an appointment.  
  4. Or use the Chat Box to the right to get help 24/7.