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Expeditionary Studies Research Guide

Doing Research in Expeditionary Studies

Expeditionary research is challenging, in part because the scope and breadth of expedition research is not singular; there is no single subject nor is there a single source.  This page is a beginning point, designed to identify and direct you to sources relevant to all expeditionary research.  No matter how small or how large, adventure trips take planning, planning for the short-term and the long-term; planning for oneself and for others; planning for realities and for possibilities; planning before the fact and during the fact.  In the end, planning involves research.  Your challenge, as expeditionary studies students, is to both know and be familiar with standard resources and at the same time, use them to expand your knowledge.  This guide is designed to facilitate these ends.

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Outdoor Living Skills


Jean Mottershead, "Climbing Rope." Online image. Flickr. 1 Feb. 2013.


Image provided courtesy of SUNY Plattsburgh Art Museum, Rockwell Kent Gallery and Collection

Snow Sports