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Add Journal Article Links to Your Online Courses

A guide to linking full text content from Feinberg Library resources to your online course or web page

Creating Links to Full-Text Journal Articles

Add the Library to your Online Course: Creating Links to Full-Text Journal Articles In Online Courses or Faculty Web Sites

Do you want to include a link to a journal article from an online course site or your faculty web pages?

It's easy to do if you follow a couple of simple steps. If you've linked to web pages, you already know the online course site side of setting up the link.

Copying the correct link

Use the right URL! You'll need to use a persistent or stable URL--one that will be there for you and your students each time the course management page is opened.

Of course, each database provides the persistent URL (or PURL) to you differently, so look for a link for citing or sharing.  In some cases, JSTOR for example, you'll need to set up an individual account for yourself in order to get to the correct URL

Off Campus access for your students

You must add Plattsburgh's proxy server prefix to the URL in order for your students to access articles from off-campus.  Simply put the following directly in front of the URL you have copied from the database.  Tip:  Use Notebook to copy and paste your URL's into a course management system or web page.

Proxy server prefix:

Your final URL to put in your course or webpage will look like this:

Questions about specific databases? 

Contact us from our Ask for Help page!