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FNI441: Community Nutrition Research Guide

test guide for Aaron to use to play with for the library moodle block.

General Notes on APA Style

  • APA citation style lists last name first, followed by author initials. When more than one author is listed, use the ampersand sign &, not the word ‘and’, with commas between the authors’ names.
  • On a reference list, the word References should appear centered at the top of the page.
  • All reference entries must be double-spaced.
  • All references must use hanging-indent format (i.e., the first line is flush left and subsequent lines are indented one-half inch).

Citing Books in APA Style

Single author

Echterling, L. G. (2016). Thriving: A manual for students in the helping professions. Sage.

Two authors:

Wood, J. L., & Palmer, R. T. (2015). Black men in higher education: A guide to ensuring student success. Routledge.

Corporate/organization author

University of California at Berkeley Multicultural Community Center. (2015). Survival guide for undocumented students. UC Berkeley Multicultural Community Center.

Editor as author

Bretag, T. (Ed.). (2016). Handbook of academic integrity. Springer Reference.

Chapter or article in an edited book

Peele, S. (1991). Out of the habit trap. In A. Monat & R. S. Lazarus (Eds.), Stress and coping: An anthology (3rd ed., pp. 475-482). Columbia University Press.

Online subscription encyclopedia article

Foley, C. (2014). Time management. In Encyclopedia of business and finance (3rd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 739-741). Macmillan Reference USA. Retrieved from

Online book

Bennett, R. A., Hodge, S. R., & Graham, D. L. (2015). Diversity in higher education: Black males and intercollegiate athletics : An exploration of problems and solutions. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Citing Journal & Magazine Articles in APA Style

Articles from a library database with no DOI

Note that Print articles are cited with the same format.

Johnson, M., Flynn, E., & Monroe, M. (2016). A residence life plan for success for at-risk college students: Reviving in loco parentis. College Student Journal, 50(2), 268-274.

Articles with DOI

Use the Digital Object Identifier or DOI when available. This is a permanent web link to the article. This string of numbers and letters is often found on the first page of the article.

Etzel, J. M., & Nagy, G. (2016). Students’ perceptions of person–environment fit: Do fit perceptions predict academic success beyond personality traits?. Journal of Career Assessment, 24(2), 270-288.

Articles with three to 20 authors

Torres-Díaz, J., Duart, J., Gómez-Alvarado, H., Marín-Gutiérrez, I., & Segarra-Faggioni, V. (2016). Internet use and academic success in university students. Comunicar, 24(48), 61-69.

Articles with more than 20 authors

List the first 19 authors, followed by an ellipsis and then the last author.

Kum, H. S., Lee, H., Kim, S., Lindemann, S., Kong, W., Qiao, K., Chen, P., Irwin, J., Lee, J. H., Xie, S., Subramanian, S., Shim, J., Bae, S.-H., Choi, C., Ranno, L., Seo, S., Lee, S., Bauer, J., Li, H., … Kim, J. (2020). Heterogeneous integration of single-crystalline complex-oxide membranes. Nature, 578(7793), 75–81.

Citing Newspaper Articles Online in APA Style

Newspaper article from a web page

Dynarski, S. (2016, February 19). How to help more college students graduate. New York Times.

Citing Web Pages in APA Style

Web page with individual author

Morrison, D. (2012, September 28). Five-step strategy for student success with online learning. Online Learning Insights. strategy-for-student -success-with-online-learning/

Web page with corporate/organization author when the corporate author has the same name as the web page

Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2016, March 7). Six tips for college health and safety.

Web page with no author and no date. Include the date retrieved if the page is not archived and subject to change:

CollegeData. (n.d.). What will college life be like? Retrieved January 22, 2020 from

Citing Multimedia in APA Style


Leseigneur, F. (Director). (2016). College: The other costs [Film; DVD]. Film Ideas.


East Tennessee State University. (2014, March 12). Study skills, time management & test-taking strategies for college students [Video]. YouTube.

Citing Other Sources in APA Style

Class handouts

Davis, J. (2016). CLG554– Quantitative research methods [Class handout]. State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY.

Class PowerPoints

Thiede, M. (2016, September 5). LIB200– How to select a research topic [PowerPoint slides]. State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. Moodle @ SUNY Plattsburgh.

Moodle readings

Davis, J. (2016). CLG509– Course syllabus [PDF document]. State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. Moodle @ SUNY Plattsburgh.

In-person communications

Emails, phone conversations, etc. do not need to be included in the Reference List, but do need to be cited in-text. Use the following format for in-text references: (E. O’Hara-Gonya, personal communication, June 27, 2016).

For examples of other types of citations not listed here, refer to chapter 10 (pg. 313) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) available at Feinberg Library’s research help desk.