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Citations and Bibliographies

About This Guide

Any of your classes that require research will also require you to correctly cite those materials. This guide is here to help you build accurate bibliographies and in-text references. Below you'll find comprehensive guides to the three most common citation styles, APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian, as well as links to information on bibliographic management software, citation generators, and directions for properly formatting your papers.

Also of interest:

  • Quick Guides: Brief handouts for the APA and MLA styles are linked below, and print copies are located conveniently near the Research Help Desk on the second floor of the Library.
  • Published Style Guides: Copies of the APA, MLA, and Chicago official style guides are available at the Research Help Desk.
  • Zotero: Consider using the free Zotero software to manage your books and articles and to automatically create in-text citations and bibliographies for you. Zotero will also allow you to create bibliographies in styles beyond APA, MLA, and Chicago.
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial: Want to make sure you’re not plagiarizing? Complete this tutorial.