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Rockwell Kent Collection

Rockwell Kent [1882–1971] was one of those who truly lived more lives than one. Into his long life he crammed more careers than any ordinary man would seriously contemplate. Painter, muralist, illustrator, printmaker, book designer, graphic artist, architect and builder, writer and editor, speaker and lecturer, navigator and restless traveler, political and social activist — he was all these and much more.
A Kent Biography, Fridolf Johnson

For information about the Rockwell Kent Gallery and for copyright and permissions information, please contact:
Plattsburgh State Art Museum
Phone: 518-564-2474

The Kent Collection in Special Collections

In 1974, Sally Kent Gorton presented SUNY Plattsburgh with a representative collection of Rockwell Kent’s works that became the foundation for the college’s Rockwell Kent Collection. In 2000, she donated additional items to the collection, which are referred to as the “Kent Legacies” materials.

Kent manuscripts, imprints and other ephemera are housed in Special Collections in Feinberg Library. Art-related Kent materials are located in the Rockwell Kent Gallery and Collection.

The Rockwell Kent Calendar of Imprints and Ephemera

Full Kent Calendar (PDF)

  1. Works Illustrated by Rockwell Kent
    1. Books Illustrated by Rockwell Kent
    2. Periodicals with Illustrations by Rockwell Kent
  2. Works Written by Rockwell Kent
    1. Books Written by Rockwell Kent
    2. Articles Written by Rockwell Kent
  3. Materials about Rockwell Kent
    1. Books about Rockwell Kent
    2. Articles about Rockwell Kent
    3. Kent Collector Journal (now Rockwell Kent Review) Volume 1 (1974/75) — Current
    4. Video and Audio Recordings
  4. Books and Periodicals in the Library of Rockwell Kent
    1. Books in the Library of Rockwell Kent
    2. Periodicals in the Library of Rockwell Kent
  5. Exhibition Ephemera
    1. Exhibition Catalogs
    2. Exhibition Announcements
    3. Exhibition Invitations
  6. Manuscripts
    1. Miscellaneous
    2. Rockwell Kent Letters to Catherine Mattison, 1934-1937
  7. Bookplates
  8. Christmas Cards
    1. Christmas Cards used by Rockwell Kent
    2. Cards for other People
    3. American Artists Group
    4. Organization and Business Christmas Cards
    5. Miscellaneous Christmas Cards
    6. Posthumous Christmas Cards
    7. Christmas Card Proofs
  9. The New Masses
  10. Other Periodicals
  11. Other Ephemera
    1. Advertisements
    2. American-Russian Friendship
    3. Announcements and Invitations
    4. Asgaard Farm
    5. Book Announcements and Reviews
    6. Books and Print Catalogs
    7. Logos, Stationery, Trademarks
    8. The Right to Travel
    9. Miscellaneous Ephemera
  12. Proofs
  13. Non-Print Kentiana
    1. Non-Print Items
    2. Ephemera Pertaining to Non-Print Materials
  14. Rockwell Kent Gallery Ephemera
  15. “This is My Own” Film-related Material
    1. Correspondence, 1974–1978
    2. Resource Material
    3. Expense Records, 1972–1978
    4. Film Materials
    5. Photographs and Transparencies
    6. Film and Audio Recordings
  16. Reproductions of Kent Originals
    1. Cartoons, 1933–1937
    2. Covers
    3. Drawings
    4. Portraits and Photographs
    5. Posters
    6. Paintings
  17. Related Materials
    1. Dan Burne Jones
    2. William A. Kittredge
    3. Lynd Ward
    4. George Spector
  18. Rockwell Kent Artifacts
    1. 18–1 Camera used by Kent to film the shores of Greenland as his boat was sinking.
    2. 18–2 Kent’s Christmas card box
  19. Kent Family Artists
    1. Patrick Finney
    2. Generations Show, January 26, 2002 – March 23, 2002
  20. Rockwell Kent Legacies Ephemera
  21. Mandel Terman Scrapbook
    1. Advertising Art, 1921–1948
    2. Ephemera with Artwork by Rockwell Kent
    3. Correspondence, 1963–1964
    4. Articles and Ephemera dealing with Rockwell Kent, 1929–1958
  22. SUNY Plattsburgh Events Relating to Rockwell Kent, 1982–2004
  23. Photographs, Negatives, Slides
  24. Sally Kent Gorton Bequest, 2000
    1. Books
    2. Periodicals and Pamphlets

The Rockwell Kent Gallery

Located on the 2nd floor in the Feinberg Library building, SUNY Plattsburgh’s Rockwell Kent Gallery showcases Kent’s paintings, prints, illustrations and other artwork. The gallery has the most complete and balanced collection of Kent’s work found in America. It is part of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum which has changing exhibitions throughout the year.

For information about the Rockwell Kent Gallery, including copyright and permissions information, please contact the Plattsburgh State Art Museum:

Phone: 518-564-2474